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B206 Drucken

Daten & Fakten zum B206 von Bell Helicopter.

Bell 206

Performance Specifications

  Max. cruise speed
reduced weight
130 kt (241 km/h)
max. take-off weight
122 kt (226 km/h)
  Max. range
Sea Level
374 nm (693 km)
5,000 ft (1.525 m)
395 nm (732 km)
  Service ceiling
Certification limit
13,500 ft (4.115 m)
  Hover In-ground effect
Standard day
13,200 ft (4.023 m)
ISA + 20°C day
10,200 ft (3.110 m)
  Hover out-of-ground effect
Standard day
5,300 ft (1.615 m)
ISA + 20°C day
300 ft (915 m)


  Standard weight
with oil
1,590 lb (722 kg)
  Normal gross weight
3,200 lb (1.450 kg)
  External gross weight
1,500 lb (680 kg)
  Passengers   4

Power Plant

Allison Engine Company
250-C20J gas turbine
75 US gal (344l)
  Take off power
420 shp (313 kw)
  Max. cont. power
370 shp (276 kw)

Exterior Dimensions

The JetRanger III was introduced in the summer of 1977. Manufacture of the 206L-3 was transferred to Mirabel in Canada in 1986. Agusta in Italy also builds the JetRanger.
Since October 1989, the Allison 250C-20R engine is available as an option,
to improve hot and high performance. The modificaton was produced under a joint supplemental type certificate program between Soloy Conversions and Allison.
In February 1991, Bell received one of the largest orders for commercial helicopters ever when Petroleum Helicopters ordered 66 Model 206B-3s and 88 Model 206L-3s for delivery between 1992 and 1995.
In March 1993, Bell won the New Training Helicopter competition of the US Army. For this application, the 206L-3 is designated as TH-67 Creek (photo). More than 150 have been ordered. Also, Taiwan in 1997 contracted
for 30 Creeks valued at 40,3 million US-Dollars.
In June/July 1994 Texas aviator Ron Bower used a 206B-3 for a solo round-the world trip in record time. He smashed the previous best of Ross Perot and Jay Coburn by nearly five days. Bower's solo trip took him through 21 countries, and he returned to Fort Worth on 22 July at 13.20 after 24 days, four hours, 36 minutes.
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